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Keeping Accounting Simple

At Zibis and Co, we make it our mission to work with women to help them better comprehend the power of money and accounting in its most basic yet profitable form.
While we serve a wide range of industries, we specialise in advising influencers, beauticians, hospitality, and wellness businesses on how to maximise revenues and scale. We understand the difficulties they encounter, so we concentrate on techniques to help them manage their money, streamline processes, payroll, bookkeeping, tax compliance, grants, and so much more.
We remove the pressure from you while working with you so that you can financially understand your business, get confident with numbers, and develop your road to riches.
Time is now your best friend, let’s focus on profits. 





Grow Your Money, Clever Girl Style -

The Path to Financial Independence and Empowered Living

for All Australian Women

Are you in the Influencer, Wellness, Hospitality or Beauty industries?

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Here are some of the services we provide:

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Road to Riches Journey

Road to Riches was founded to empower women on their financial journey to build the wealth and prosperity they desire.
The intention is to support women to become confident with numbers to make better financial decisions and to guide them
to live a wealthy and independent life,
Gaining the self-worth to realise you are the rich woman CEO you are meant to
be. rAs a Rich woman CEO you your focus is to rule your own queendom and profit.

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  • How you can build a better relationship with money
  • Develop an effective profitable money plan
  • Understand accounting to build profits
  • Strategies to \scale your business

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Money Making Tips

These money tips will help you have more control over your money. It will help you save money, so you will have more for, saving, spending, investing and emergency situations. You will feel more confident to make better financial decisions. This in turn will assist you in making your money work for you and help you build financial independence.

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